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Elevator & Escalator Accidents


Property owners must provide their tenants and visitors with safe, well-maintained premises, just as manufacturers owe their customers properly functioning equipment. These two statements hold true in the case of escalators and elevators. 

These complicated machines make climbing between floors possible, however when they are not properly maintained the victims experience severe pain and injury. The consequences of an elevator or escalator accident can be life-changing.

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Elevators and escalators aren’t just meant to get from one floor to another. They are both complicated pieces of machinery, with a lot of moving parts that require attention and maintenance. 

When building owners and managers fail to maintain their equipment properly, and when they fail to notify their tenants or visitors of equipment malfunction, the results can be disastrous. Common causes for accidents involving elevators and escalators include:

  • Failing to perform regular inspections of elevators or escalators in use
  • Neglecting to properly tend to the machine’s maintenance promptly
  • The manufacturer fails to identify product flaws and to provide a proper fix
  • Property owners neglecting to close and mark malfunctioning equipment.

Property owners and product manufacturers each bear responsibility for the escalator and elevator. They owe it to the public to provide safe equipment, and when they fail to do so, the results can be catastrophic for the victims.


Malfunctioning equipment can cause victims a whole host of possible injuries. For escalators and elevators, injuries occur not just from the machine itself but also often involve falling a substantial distance. Even in elevators, which often include safety measures, the resulting jolt can still cause significant injury. 

The possible injuries from elevator or escalator accidents include:

  • Electrocution or shock from improperly functioning motors
  • Broken bones, abrasions and other injuries caused by rapid falls or becoming caught in an escalator.
  • Ligament, neck, head or spinal cord injuries

For particularly drastic accidents on elevators or escalators, the injury can be as dire as debilitating injury or even death. 

As a result, victims of elevator and escalator negligence can experience issues ranging from payment of medical bills and rehabilitation all the way to the psychological torment and significant financial trauma of a wrongful death incident.

Potentially liable parties include building ownership and management as well as the repair companies charged with maintenance and upkeep, even extending to the original manufacturer of the escalator or the elevator. 

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