Bay Area Brain Injury Attorney

The brain is quite possible the most crucial organ in your body. As the center for thought as well as the control point of your body’s nervous system, the brain performs absolutely critical functions that impact not only your ability to process and respond to information but also your mood and temperament. Because of the importance of this central processing center, any damage to the brain can cause serious harm and possibly even a coma or death.

The skull acts as the brain’s primary defense against the outside world. However, the brain can be vulnerable to injury in circumstances such as a motor accident, a particularly damaging fall or even the neglect of a property owner. If you or a family member have suffered traumatic brain injury and that injury was caused due to the negligence of another party, you deserve compensation. A qualified professional law firm can guarantee that all parties are held accountable for their actions. The Law Offices of David P. Kashani, APLC in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Lancaster, and Seattle can help ensure that you receive the help and the monetary compensation you are due.

A Brain Injury Can Cause Life-Altering Changes

The brain performs and controls countless bodily functions, safeguards your memory and makes up the very essence of your personality. As such, any damage to the brain can have a profound negative impact on the victim’s life and can include such symptoms as:

  • Both minor and severe headaches
  • Problems focusing, remembering details or organizing events
  • Sleep issues at both extremes, such as fatigue or restlessness
  • Difficulty learning and erratic or impaired judgment
  • Mood swings and personality issues such as violent behavior or impulsiveness

Because the brain is so complex, any treatment of brain trauma is necessarily expensive. Some injuries to the brain can never be fully rehabilitated, leaving the victim with lasting problems. You want to be sure that when dealing with the equally complex legal battles to follow that you have a truly formidable legal team working on your behalf.

At the Law Offices of David P. Kashani, APLC, we understand how important it is to have the medical resources available to repair a brain injury and how crucial peace of mind is to the entire recovery process. We work tirelessly for the good of all of our clients, particularly those experiencing the sort of life-altering symptoms of brain trauma.

If you or a family member have experienced brain trauma caused by the negligence of others, it’s important to act fast to obtain the necessary resources. Contact our offices right away to schedule your free consultation so that our experienced team can go over the details of your case. We are available during normal business hours and can also schedule special consultations on the weekend or during evenings to fit better with your schedule.