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By and large, most pet owners truly love and care for their animals. However, an unfortunate number of owners treat their dogs or other animals poorly, and the results can be catastrophic both for the pet as well as innocent bystanders. Owner negligence and improperly cared for pets cause nearly five million incidents related to animal bites every year. While many of these are minor, some instances can cause lasting injuries particularly for children or the elderly.

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Maltese attack inside a residence in 2015.

If you or a loved one has experienced a dog or animal bite, you may be entitled to compensation. This amount of money is necessary to fully recovering from the trauma and pain involved in an animal attack. Let the Law Offices of David P. Kashani, APLC help you get the maximum amount of compensation owed to you.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Depending on the animal and the circumstances, a dog bite injury may require serious medical attention. The fact that many victims of dog bites are children only complicates the care necessary to recover. Injury can result from more than just the physical bite. Often any laceration or puncture wound becomes infected with bacteria or disease carried on the animal. Common injuries of animal bites include:

  • Lacerations or puncture wounds that result in scarring or disfigurement
  • Broken bones experienced from the fall or from the force of a bite
  • Injuries that may require amputation, such as of the fingers or nose
  • Traumatic injury to the brain or nerve damage
  • Injuries to the eyes or other organs
  • Infections caused by virus or bacteria, such as rabies
  • Lasting psychological or emotional trauma

Any one of these consequences can have a lasting effect on a victim’s life. Given the sheer amount of time and money necessary to recover, victims can see significant bills and experience loss of wages and earning potential. Those who suffer from dog or animal bites need a team on their side to guarantee the best chance of recovery.

Who Is Liable For A Dog Bite in the Bay Area?

California law holds the animal owner liable for a dog or another animal’s action. Often times, careless ownership causes the animal to act out violently. Potential acts of negligence include everything from poor medical treatment for the animal or irresponsible care to abusive or violent treatment of the animal. These acts cause improper training or even physical or psychological damages to the animal which in turn causes dangerous interactions between the animal and other people.

Typically, claims that come from animal bites typically pay out through the animal owner’s homeowner’s insurance. Because insurance companies focus on minimizing their payouts as much as possible, individuals fighting for restitution can run into severe difficulty. Having an experienced and effective law team on your side makes a huge difference, from gathering evidence and building a case all the way through settlement or trial.

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