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California’s beautiful weather make it ideal for bicycling. More and more of our health conscious and environmentally conscious community members have opted to leave their cars parked and commuted by pedal.

However, the increased bicycle traffic comes with increased risk. Over the past decade, fatalities and injuries from bicycle accidents have increased sharply. In 2015 alone, 815 bicyclists lost their lives in a collision with another vehicle.

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Bicyclist struck by vehicle in 2015.

If you or a family member have been injured in a bicycle accident, you could be entitled to compensation. That sum of money could include medical bills, lost wages, the trauma of the pain and suffering involved, and other potential factors. To fully obtain the maximum amount of compensation you are owed, you want to be sure you work with experienced lawyers dedicated to getting what you deserve. At the Law Offices of David P. Kashani, APLC, our team is dedicated to working with you through the entire process to get the best possible outcome.

a bicycle on the street that looks like it was in a bicycle accident

Common Causes of a Bicycle Accident

Most bicycle accidents occur because of driver negligence. In many places throughout the Los Angeles area, drivers have not become accustomed to properly sharing the road. As such, collisions happen because of such mistakes as:

  • Neglecting to check for bicyclists before making a turn
  • Drifting into a bike lane occupied by a bicyclist
  • Failing to properly yield the right-of-way or failing to stop at a stop sign or signal
  • Opening a car door into a bike lane without checking
  • Operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

Not every bicycle accident comes from motorist negligence. Environmental factors play a role as well, such as improper lighting, poorly designed lanes or poorly maintained roads. In these instances, government or municipal entities may be culpable. Because of the complexity of these issues, you want to be sure to work with a knowledgeable and experienced law firm that can help properly determine fault and pursue compensation.

Injuries and Damages Caused By Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle crash can have a profound negative impact on the victim’s life. Not only do they risk the potential for severe and even life threatening injury, but a crash can threaten the victim’s livelihood and property as well as cause lasting emotional and psychological damage.

After suffering a crash, it is absolutely crucial that the victim or victim’s family act fast to secure the necessary evidence. That evidence includes eye witness accounts, police and medical reports, available photographic or video evidence and anything else that can be used to prove the offending party’s recklessness, negligence or inaction.

Because victims often are not in the proper frame of mind following an accident, it is vital to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side collecting the necessary information and building a case. The Law Offices of David P. Kashani, APLC has been a trusted hand guiding thousands of personal injury victims in the Los Angeles area. The team will work diligently to get the maximum restitution and to provide you with peace of mind while you recover.

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